Patent Pending 2-Cavity Flexible Roll-Fed IML

DevLinks, Ltd. presented a completely flexible, patent-pending, IML (in-mold labeling) system at the NPE show in April 2012.

This IML system included a roll-fed label being cut to a user specified dimension via an HMI. Additional printing was also available for date stamps, bar codes, etc. At the NPE show, the system produced beer mugs from Helm Tool on a Nissei FNX460-200BN1 High Cycle Machine inserted via a Wittmann W832 HS Servo top-entry robot.

The labels were introduced on a roll and the flexible system cut them to size with whatever pattern the end-user wanted. Additional printing was also done at this time. The labels were then picked with the insertion end-of-arm tooling of the top-entry Wittmann. During the motion into the mold area, the labels were statically charged. The labels were then inserted into the cavities on the fixed mold half and the robot removed the beer mugs from the moving mold half. This occurred simultaneously by means of pneumatic kick-strokes of the end-of-arm in both directions to save cycle time. The finished parts were placed on a conveyor belt and fed to the operator.

DevLinks can automate a company’s labeling by using this system to your specifications and by integrating robots from Fanuc or Wittmann.

DevLinks, Ltd. offers turnkey IML automation designed for your application including:

  • Label nest verifying location and features
    • Vision inspection to ensure correct orientation
    • Correct label
    • Print quality
  • Bar code scan verifying
    • Readability
    • Matching bar codes
  • Test fixtures for inspection of incoming labels
    • Static elimination
    • Curling
    • Blocking