Fanuc Robotics

DevLinks, Ltd. is an official integrator for Fanuc Robotics and Wittmann Robots, two leaders in the robotics industry. We are trained in their full line of products. Our experience enables us to select, integrate and support the robots best suited to your specific application. We work with all types of applications including: assembly, inspection, materials handling, sorting, insert molding, mold load and unload and In-Mold-Labeling (IML). If you are thinking about robotics for your manufacturing project DevLinks can and will recommend the optimal fit for your unique production needs.

Fanuc robots offer service, reliability and flexibility. They are ideal for applications outside the molding machine. At the design stage, the Fanuc RoboGuide technology allows the robot programmer to simulate the movements required in the work cell. This ability to complete a RoboGuide study early in the process
has a number of distinct advances:

  • Allows DevLinks to verify that the desired cycle times can be achieved using the specific work-cell configuration, space limitations and exact payloads.
  • Enables DevLinks to select the most appropriate robot for the job.
  • Flags issues early in design process to affect change
  • When combined with the Solidworks 3-dimentional mechanical drawings, it provides the customer with insight to the proposed solution.

Please click on the links for a complete range of Fanuc robots. Detailed specification sheets on each model are also available.

Simulation of Fanuc Workcell